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On-Site Electricity Service and Management of Zhejiang Electric Power Company

        Till the end of 2005, in Zhejiang Province, more than 70,000 sets of terminals had been installed, including GPRS/CDMA terminals, cable terminals, 230MHz wireless terminals and other types of terminals. In Zhejiang Province, there were the monitored load of 13.71 million kilowatts and controllable load of 3.32 million kilowatts. In power usage peak, timely utilization of peak shifting, peak averting, despiking and other means can effectively achieve the reduction of the times and period of power failure, thus reducing financial losses of customers and power supply enterprises due to power failure. Through active leading customers to participate in load regulation and peak averting, reasonable arrangements for production planning, improving end-user efficiency and optimizing power consumption mode and other goals, the system had achieved good economic and social benefits.


        With warning function for abnormal electricity consumption, anti-theft function and other management functions, the system retrieved a large number of losses for power supply enterprises. In 2005, the system retrieved 400 million kWh of electricity for certain municipal electric power bureau through intelligent analysis of abnormal electricity consumption and gained great economic benefits.


        The system can provide power factor analysis, power quality analysis, user energy audit and other advanced application functions. With the failure notice, repair notice, SMS subscription and other functions, the system can provide service support for reasonable electricity consumption as well as fast and convenient services for the users. In certain municipal electric power bureau, the number of subscribed short message for electricity consumption peak in the summer reached more than two hundred million.


        The system can provide load analysis, power analysis, power supply quality analysis and other functions to support load forecasting, electricity demand analysis, wire loss analysis, etc.

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