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Allocation and Command System of CNPC Chongqing Sales Company

        Customer Profile

        CNPC Southwest Oil Storage Institute was established in 1952, and then it was respectively reconstructed to form Chongqing City Oil Company in 1953 and Chongqing City Oil Parent Company in 1992. And in May 1999, CNPC Chongqing Sales Company was established through reconstruction.

        CNPC Chongqing Sales Branch had 34 oil sales organizations, including 27 subordinate units and 7 holding units. The company had 12 oil depots with total reserves of 266,400 cubic meters and 582 gas stations (including the newly-built and under-construction stations, except for closed gas stations).

        The company was mainly engaged in wholesale and retail of gasoline, diesel, lubricant or fuel with retail sales of 1.13 million tons in 2005.


        Business Challenges

        -Management of refined oil products was distributed in the branches and vertical and central management was not realized.

        -The lack of uniform or comprehensive data summary and presentation tools led to allocation management sectors were unable to monitor the distribution process.

        -The lack of appropriate decision supporting tools for extraction and summary of various types of data distributed in different systems.



        -Establishing the large-screen system.

        -Based on the integrated platform, all the system data were integrated.

        -To establish the monitor interface for various allocation posts.

        -Integration with GIS, GPS and video systems.

        -Achieving emergency command function.


        Project Benefits

        -Improved fine management for goods allocation.

        -Achieved the full-range real-time monitoring of goods flows.

        -To become data display and analysis platform supporting business decision-making of leaders.


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